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Is your fridge not working the way it should? Has your freezer kicked the bucket? Whatever the problem is, you can be sure the experts at CAA Services can fix it and get you up and running again fast! We're your local refrigeration repair experts, specialising in residential and commercial repairs. With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we have the skills to fix your refrigeration systems fast. From general fridge and freezers to commercial cool rooms and bar fridges, we can repair anything. We even offer emergency services for when you need refrigeration repairs fast! Call today on +61 418 333 833 for a quote.

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Professional Fridge Repair Services

As well as general repairs, we offer a range of repair and maintenance services, including:


If you rely on your fridge or freezer for home or commercial use, our team can come out and make sure everything is working correctly. Our experts can detect problems early, and apply preventative maintenance to ensure your systems work as they should.


If your refrigeration systems are getting old, or simply aren't working as well as they should, our team can conduct maintenance. We have the tools to conduct repairs and ensure your fridges, freezers or cooling systems are working as they should. We also offer a regular, scheduled maintenance service, where our team will come out and conduct routine maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly all year round.

Emergency Services

Sometimes refrigeration systems can break without warning and leave you in trouble. You can't control everything that happens, so it's important to be prepared for when they do. We provide emergency repair services for exactly this reason. Just call our team and we'll be over to fix your systems and get you running again fast. We offer 24-hour emergency service for commercial clients.

Why Get Refrigeration Repairs?

More often than not getting your existing fridge repaired is going to last just as long as buying a completely new fridge. Even fridges that are more than 10 years old can be repaired to work like new. Getting your fridge repaired will often save you money as well. Our experts can come and inspect your fridge to see if it can be repaired, and more often than not save you from having to buy a brand new fridge.

refrigeration services

Professional Refrigeration Repair Team

Our team are your local refrigeration repairs Melbourne experts, ready to take on any job. With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we can repair just about any refrigeration system, from small refrigerators to large scale commercial cooling systems. Every member of our team is professionally trained and fully licensed, ready to deliver a first-class service. We also have full insurance for all our jobs to give you complete peace of mind that you're getting fantastic service. If you have any questions about our services don't hesitate to call. Our team is always happy to help.

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