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Gas Heating

Chris’s Australasia Services takes care of the gas heating systems in your home. Be it installations, repairs, replacements or servicing, we provide complete solutions for your gas heating systems. Regular maintenance and servicing is essential for optimal performance of your gas appliances. With a team of qualified technicians, we provide our domestic and commercial customers with gas heater repair and maintenance services, exceeding the industry standard.

Today’s market is flooded with different types of gas heating systems and they are fuelled either by propane gas or even natural gas. Though they are characteristically different, they are relatively the same in terms of operation. Some of the most common types of gas heating systems are hot water systems, forced air, and gas heating that is relied upon to heat the house or space. No matter what type of gas heating systems you have, we are equipped to repair and restore its full efficiency.

If you want any gas heating systems that serve different purposes to be installed at your place or on the other hand, if you suspect a gas leak and need us to check or repair it, we are good for it. We are experienced and prepared to fix any problem with your gas heating system.

What Can We Help You With?

Gas Heater Leak Repair & Replacement

If your gas heater is leaking, it is important to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. Even a minor leak can become a major issue, so it’s worthwhile to approach experts to get the problem resolved. When you rely on Chris’s Australasia Services, you can expect professional service from our crew members. We will use extreme caution and provide the best solution for you. In case of major leaks, we recommend replacement of the entire system to ensure your safety.

Gas Heater Maintenance

The life expectancy of a gas heater system varies based on its design and quality of installation. With proper maintenance, the life and efficiency of the unit can be extended. Whether you require gas heater service, replacement or periodic inspection, our experts can help.

Gas Heater Installation

When it comes to gas heater installation, it is best left to a professional. We will install the unit as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, which in turn increase its lifespan. Our experts will also recommend the best heating unit for your home based on your requirements.

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