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Commercial Electrican, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Repairs Pascoe Vale & Pascoe Vale South

Considering the expertise and training needed to service commercial electrical systems, finding a qualified contractor is extremely crucial. Fortunately, CAA Services offers a full range of electrical services to businesses across Pascoe Vale, Pascoe Vale South and surrounding suburbs. Our electrical contractors have immense expertise to keep your commercial systems in good shape. Whether you have an old AC or refrigeration unit to be serviced or want to install a new system in your commercial setting, we can provide services tailored to your specific needs.

Air Conditioner:

We work with commercial and business developments in Pascoe Vale to service, repair and install air conditioning systems of all makes and models. With the complete understanding of today’s modern units, we carry out air conditioning installation to the industry standard. We also offer customised, efficient and long lasting AC units that can cool your commercial premises for year round.

We provide air conditioning service that makes your system function at its peak efficiency. Our maintenance services are geared towards enhancing system reliability and energy savings. If you notice that your AC unit is not functioning as it used to be, you can approach us for air conditioning repair and services. We will thoroughly inspect the system and make necessary upgrades to restore its performance and efficiency.

Refrigeration Repair:

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, we are the prominent choice for businesses, restaurants and convenience stores in Pascoe Vale. Whether you have a problem with your refrigeration system, ice machines, fridge, freezer, display case, cold rooms or walk-in coolers, our commercial refrigeration mechanic diagnoses and resolves the problem in no time. From preventative maintenance to complex refrigerator repairs, we can handle any problem and make sure that your equipment delivers optimal performance. Besides solving fridge repairs, we are able to design a bespoke refrigerator that will meet the specific needs of your business.

If you are looking for a one stop solution for all your electrical service needs, you can rely on the expert team at CAA Services. For queries and quotes, you can reach us by calling 0418 333833.

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