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Commercial Electrican, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Repairs Preston

Chris’s Australasia Services is a leading electrical company providing electrical services to businesses and households across Preston and surrounding suburbs. We are approved electrical contractors and provide our customers with a full range of electrical services as per safety regulations. From installation to maintenance and repair works, we handle all types of electrical chores with utmost professionalism.

Our Services Include:

Air Conditioning:

Whether you want to install your new air conditioning unit, or looking to get the old unit repaired, you can count on Chris’s Australasia Services. With a wealth of experience in all AC models, we can get the job done right the first time around. We will make necessary repairs to increase energy efficiency, reduce running cost and lower carbon emissions. You can rely on us for


Refrigeration units should be serviced to the highest level to optimise their operations and efficiency. Our commercial refrigeration mechani is good at performing refrigerator repairs and periodic maintenance service, ensuring that your unit will last for many years to come. Whether it is a minor fridge repair or a major one, our mechanics fix the problem and restore its full efficiency.

Gas Heating System:

Gas heaters are a great source to warm a small area in a home or office. Though these units are designed to last longer, they become faulty, especially when not cared for properly. Here at CAA Services, we have professionals who can provide gas heating repair and service to the highest standard.

We really pride ourselves on our technical insight and knowledge to provide exemplary services to our customers across Preston. From product selection to repair and maintenance, our electrical contractors handle everything and deliver quality services every time. Get in touch with us at 0418-333833 for all your electrical service needs!

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